Thursday, March 8, 2007

BBC America: Robin Hood Premiere Episode (2007)


  1. BBC America began broadcasting Robin Hood last Saturday, although the first season is already over in Britain. Nevertheless, it's new to use Yanks who are too lazy to download the episodes, and as we will also review some television shows here, I figured I'd share my thoughts on this promising new-ish show.

    In this series, all of the usual elements of Robin Hood are there, but this Robin might be the most low key of all. He's very quiet and reserved, and even when he is angry he seems like he's still somewhat gentle. Considering Robin Hood is a land-owning nobleman, this actually makes a bit of sense. Nevertheless, he makes Kevin Costner's Robin Hood look like Errol Flynn's.

    However, the characters around Robin are more livelier. Most notable is Much, a character I am totally unfamiliar with but apparently appeared in early Robin Hood legends. Robin's former manservant and fellow veteran of the Crusades, he provides a lot of the comic relief in Robin's camp. Robin's main nemeses include the dastardly Guy of Gisborne, who will undoubtedly be Robin's main sparring partner, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, a wicked individual who also cracks a lot of jokes.

    Robin's main sexual interest is of course Marian, who appears as the buxom yet tough daughter of the former Sheriff, Robin's old friend. She is actually the character I like the least, being a bit of a bitch, but by the end of the episode she has redeemed herself and shown that she can be an intriguing character in the series.

    There's a healthy amount of action as well, with sword fights, horseback riding, and of course the customary arrow play. However, sometimes the show has a production feeling akin to a mix of Hercules and CSI, so when the director wants to show a backflip or a vital clue, we get it from different angles at different speeds and from different distances.

    Overall, the show has promise, and I look forward to seeing more of it. Hopefully with Robin now an outlaw, we will see more flashiness, like he displayed in a sword fight earlier in the first episode. If he doesn't, he may get overpowered by the fascinating and colorful characters that surround him.

  2. I just saw a teaser for the show and was curious about it. I will have to check it out. I hope the stunts arent sounds a little john woo. 15 different ways of seeing the same 10 second sequence so it ends up taking a minute and a half (the math may not actually back me up on those numbers). Are there doves?

  3. After having seen the next two episodes, the double and triple takes have been toned down to the point of being non-existent. This is odd, as John McKay directed both the premiere and the second episode, but nevertheless, he didn't overdo it the second time around.

    I am really enjoying Keith Allen as the Sheriff, and Lucy Griffiths' Marian has warmed on me. She can be a bit irritating at times, but mostly she's enjoyable, and quite attractive.

    The introduction of the merry men and their integration into the series was also rather uniquely done, and like the rest of the series, is a fresh take on an old legend.

    I recommend watching the series, which seems to be repeated often on BBC America on the weekends. This past Sunday they ran the first three episodes in a row.

  4. omg i love harry loyd (will)
    i love this show
    altough it can be a bit overdone with the stunts which dont look real atall


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