Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kiss of the Dragon (2001)



  1. I love Kiss of the Dragon. There, review over.

    It's a good movie.

    I mean; the story is generic, hookers are added for no apparent reason, and the entire movie seems almost like product placement for the acupuncture industry. None of this matters, though, because the important thing is that Jet Li beats people up. Unlike Romeo Must Die this movie features a more realistic fight scenes (just ignore the fact he's able to survive fight after fight in a row without needing to rest much). But you know what? Turns out that martial artists actually martial arting around is a lot more interesting than wire work.

    Jet Li is so impressive in this movie that the director apparently had to slow down one of the fights because he was moving too fast for the camera. I'm no scientist but that means he was moving faster than the speed of light (or maybe just the camera's frames per second?). I want to grab a hold of Jet Li while he's moving quickly and slam him to a sudden halt so I can go back in time.

    Honestly, my only real problem with Kiss of the Dragon is that Jet Li hasn't made enough movies in America before launching himself into semi-retirement. The world needs more amazing movies where seemingly ordinary guys beat everyone up. Jackie Chan's still pretty good when he's not in Rush Hour movies, but his movies are mostly comedies. Jet Li is my go to guy for the more serious adventure. Don't leave me hanging, Jet Li . . .

  2. I dunno, I'd say over half of Chan's movies have been duds, and the longer he goes, the worse he gets. Li is good actor, if I remember correctly, so I wouldn't mind him doing some more drama films where he isn't kicking someone in the head.

    On the other hand, he should kick people in the head, too.


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