Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magnum Force (1973)


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  1. Dirty Harry is one of the most iconic action stars in history, with his "make my day" line a classic of cinema. However, I find the second film in the series the best of the bunch.

    "Magnum Force" succeeds because it has not only a health dose of action, but action you can swallow. It skirts absurdity without crossing the line, and so what you get is a wallop of excitement throughout the film.

    Without being like Quentin Tarantino, I am a big fan of 70s urban crime films. Films like "Coffy" and "Shaft" mix the style and chic of the 70s with the out of control violence and grime that also inhabited that era. "Magnum Force" is no exception, from its groovy soundtrack to its unrelenting look at the world to its crazy pimp in his crazy pimpmobile - this film is top notch.


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