Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


  1. I always thought the Captain America origin story was a tad fishy.

  2. I think it's uplifting. It shows that even a scrawny runt can become a superman with hard work and skill.

    The hard work and skill comes from the scientists making the drugs, of course.

  3. The makeup is more realistic than Red Skull's.

  4. Well, now I’ve actually seen the movie. I register my opinion in the Sound Bytes episode (#14) directly above this article. If you want to hear me and Chris excoriate Cap’n A for ten minutes, that’s the place to start. Here, I just want to take one final jab at the thoroughly mutilated horse.

    My primary problem with Captain America is that the movie is so unforgivably cheesy. In that regard, it’s almost on par with the dreadful Batman and Robin.

    Corniness is not a quality I universally revile. There are instances where I have enjoyed cheesy movies. The Raimi Spider-mans are good examples.

    So, what’s the difference? The cheese in Spidey is in the service of identifiable human behavior. Peter Parker is Joe Schmoe with superpowers. His problems (paying rent, getting laid, etc.) are our problems.

    There’s nothing recognizable or genuine in Captain America. If the movie has any value at all, it’s as propaganda, but even then it’s too juvenile/dumb/ineffective to take seriously.


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