Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dredd (2012)


  1. I can't write a review that does the film justice right now, so in the meantime, enjoy this complimentary link to the full image:


  2. As a rule, I am not a fan of voice-over narration. With few notable exceptions, the device is trite, kitschy, and/or redundant. So, when Dredd began with sulky muttering over a wide establishing shot, I squirmed involuntarily. Ugh. Not again, I thought to myself.

    By the time the device is used again (over the final few shots), I was 100% on board. The closing narration explicitly frames the movie as a day-in-the-life of the title character and is the absolute key to the movie’s charm. Why? Well…

    Essentially, Dredd is a crime-fighting movie. It pits a superhero/super-cop character against an exaggerated, overwhelming force of law-breaking baddies. These criminals are fought. Crime fighting. I cannot possibly overstate how refreshing it is to see a movie in this genre that has no convoluted, Machiavellian scheme with far-reaching, world-changing ramifications. It’s just a man doing work. All we’re watching is a randomly chosen day (out of possibly hundreds) in which Judge Dredd goes to the office.

    The brilliance of this framing choice that it doesn’t hit you until those final words. In that instant, the audience is immediately sold on the story, character, and world of this movie. And it’s pretty damn tight.


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