Monday, January 13, 2014

Chicago Cubs New Mascot Has Secret Influence! Maybe!


  1. Not to say the graphic designer responsible for Clark was (in)directly influenced by Kit Cloudkicker, but it's the second thing I thought of, after Poochy from Itchy & Scratchy. Absent the facts that Clark neither has a skateboard nor is a dog, my mind then jumped to Kit. This all took place in the span of 2 seconds, which is how long it takes for Clark to enter your heart, at least according to the Cubs. Children's mascots, eh, who cares? If you really want to get involved in children's entertainment, track down some old episodes of Tail Spin. Launchpad McQuack was the hardest working character in Disney's stable, appearing in Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales. A tragic alcohol problem led to a fatal crash along the coast of Guatemala in 1997.

  2. The mascot looks kind of awful, like he's the love child of Kit Cloudkicker and Teddy Ruxpin.


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